On Arrival and Pick up 

On entry into the grounds of Briary Primary School and Briary Preschool you will need to follow the one-way system as provided which will guide you at the front of the school gates. When dropping off your child, you will have the option of coming into preschool with your child or dropping them off outside the front and the Manager or Deputy manager will guide your child into preschool to their Key Person. 

Please try and use social distancing at all times whilst waiting outside Pre-school. (We also have a sanitizer station outside for parents)


On your child(rens) arrival into preschool, they will have their temperature taken and will be supervised to wash their hands. There belongings, (bag, lunch box, drink bottle) will also be wiped down with disinfectant.

On pick up, you will be asked to come inside to collect your child, and you will see your child's key person which they will feedback on your child's day and collect their belongings. 

New Parents/Child(ren)

We’ve restricted our visitor numbers to enable parents/ your child(ren) to enjoy a socially distanced viewing at Briary Pre-school. Before you visit you’ll need to make sure you’ve pre-booked the date and session time of your arrival. Please call 01227 742050 to arrange a visit. 

Pre-booking means we can control visitor numbers and have a safe, friendly environment for you and our staff. 

If you are wanting your child(ren) to start Pre-school, please go fill out our waiting list form on our Parent Information page, then go to How to register your child. 

We look forward to see you!

Please DO NOT VISIT OR BRING YOUR CHILD TO PRESCHOOL WITH SYMPTOMS, if you have symptoms of coronavirus including; 

A high temperature, persistent new cough and/or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste. 

We please ask that Parents keep off their child(ren) from Briary Pre-school with a cough, cold or sickness. If we notice any COVID-19 symptoms, we will send your child home straight away, then carry out a deep clean around pre-school.

If a child or staff member contracts COVID-19 we will follow government guidelines and will need to isolate everyone who had been in close contact. 

If you would like to see our full risk assessment, please ask the Manager or Deputy Manager.  

System of Controls of Measures
Please see our systems of controls of measures to keep you safe. Please click on the link below. 
Below is updated information on COVID-19

Thank you and Stay safe!