Children can now borrow books from the Pre-School, we have many exciting and colourful books for all ages that the children can choose from. Your child will receive a book bag that they can carry their books, which can be borrowed for one whole week and once the book has been returned your child can choose another new adventure to read. Below is more information on our Briary Pre-School Book Lending Scheme. 

As part of the ECAT (Every Child a Talker) scheme at Pre-School, we daily plan activities which will encourage and develop children’s listening, attention, understanding and speaking skills. 

Learning does not finish when they leave Pre-School, it continues in the home.  We have purchased some books we would like to share with you and your child at bedtime or at a quiet time; we recommend that there is no distracting noise such as a television when focusing on the story. 

To help with their development you can ask them to recall the story which will help with their listening skills.  Ask them questions about the story to see if they understood the story and by encouraging them to recall the story will develop their speech and language development. Even if your child’s speech and language is good sometimes their understanding is not at the same level and this simple exercise with help with their development.

Books can be borrowed for the week but they must be returned on the first day in the week your child attends.  Unfortunately if you do not return your book your child will not be able to borrow another one until it is returned or may be charged for the price of the book.