After your child's place at the Pre-School has been confirmed you will then be able to arrange a home visit that will take place at your home and usually last about 30 minutes. In this visit the Pre-School manager and your child's key person will come to see you and your son or daughter so that they can become familiar with their key person before they start to attend the setting.


At the visit you will be given:


  • A parent welcome pack and our prospectus. This includes information about the Pre-School such as our term dates, policies, fees, our daily routine, funded hours and much more.


  • A parent's guide to the EYFS


  • The EYFS starting points and an ‘All About Me’ questionnaire which includes questions that will help the key person find out more about you child, such as toileting and any likes or dislikes they have.


  • A registration form which will need to be filled out at the visit. You will need any contact numbers you wish to put down for emergencies, your child's birth certificate.


  • A shoe box that you can decorate with you child. This will be left at the Pre-School and should include any comforters your child has and photos of their family in case they ever get distressed at the setting.



Once the home visit is finished you will then be able to arrange a settling session at the Pre-School. They usually last for an hour and we do not charge for these sessions however every child is different and depending on how your child reacts to the setting will affect how long they stay with us and how many session they will need. If you have any questions about the home visits or the settling sessions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope to see you soon.