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As a Pre-School, we are trying to promote healthier eating and a good balance diet in the Pre-School and outside of the Pre-School. As a setting, we now follow ideas from the Food Champion workshop. 

Nicola Wheeler (Deputy Manager) completed intense training with Food Champion and have cascaded it to all staff members on staff development days so every staff member is aware. Nicola now have a Food Champion certificate which was issued in July 2019. 

As a Pre-School we try to promote the following: 

  • Healthy recipes 

  • Ideas for fussy eaters

  • Appropriate portion sizes 

To promote these with the parents and carers, we are currently completing the following:

  • Regular healthy eating workshops with parents and carers

  • Helping parents and carers with recipe ideas

  • Showing parents and carers the sugar and salt contents in different products

  • Helping parents and carers with children who are fussy eaters by giving them ideas and new techniques

  • Showing parents and carers portion sizes for 2 to 4 year olds

  • Weening and eat well advice and help for parents and carers with children from 6 months +

To help the children within the Pre-School learn about healthy eating, we are currently completing the following:

  • Talking to the children on a regular basis about healthy food using the eat well plate and guide

  • Children are making their own healthy lunches regularly

  • Children are growing their own fruit and vegetables to try from their own key group vegetable patch 

  • Providing a healthy eating snack time daily communicating by talking and BSL signing about the healthy food we are eating

Below are a few documents which may help you as a parent or carer with healthy eating and a good balanced diet at home. 

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Healthy Eating

Lunch Box Ideas