What is Tapestry and how does it work?

Tapestry is an online system that the Pre-School uses for the children’s learning journeys. Instead of the children having books, that the staff write their observations and stick in photos in, it is now all done online. This means that you the parents and carers can view your child’s learning journey whenever you like to see how your child is getting on at the Pre-School.


How it works is that every child receives their own Tapestry account which the staff can then add to. Parents and carers can then receive a log in to Tapestry where they can see all observations the staff have made (you will only be able to view your own child or children). This also means that you can add any events or moments that occur outside the setting to share with your child’s key person if you wish, such as trips out with the family or any activities you child accomplishes.


Tapestry can be used on most devices...


Mobile Phones – Similarly to the tablets Tapestry is only supported by android mobiles or the iPhone. Again you will only need to download the app from your phones app store to be able to log into Tapestry.


Tablet – At the moment Tapestry is only available on iPad’s, kindle's (some older versions may not support it) and Android tablets (any tablet that has Google play). For tablets all you need to do is download the app from your app store onto your device. Once it’s downloaded all you need to do is log in to view or add to your child’s learning journey.


Computer – To access Tapestry on your computer all you will need to do is type in Tapestry in your web browser (such as Google or Bing) and click on the link ‘Tapestry Online Learning Journal’ where you will find the log in page. Equally you can click on the link below which will open up the log in for you.


How do I get a log in?


To receive a log in all you need to do is email us at briarypreschool@btconnect.com with your child’s name. We will then send you an activation link which will direct you to set you up your password. You can have other relatives set up an account as well, so any grandparents, aunts and uncles or any other relatives who may wish to view your child’s learning journey can do so. Once the password has been set you will then be able to log on to the system and you will also receive notifications via email when your child’s key worker has added an observation.